Greatbear Polyester Webbing Sling (22 pieces) 4000lb - 10000lb

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QTY OF 22 pieces 2T- 5T Webbing Sling

Polyester Flat Woven Webbing Sling

Safe Working Load from 2000-5000 kg

Effective Length from 2-6 m

Six (6) Times Safety Factor

Min. Breaking Strength from 12-30 tons

Quantity of (2) Each
2TX2M - 2000kg SWL/2M/6x SF/12T
2TX4M - 2000kg SWL/4M/6x SF/12T
2TX6M - 2000kg SWL/6M/6x SF/12T
3TX2M - 3000kg SWL/2M/6x SF/18T
3TX4M - 3000kg SWL/4M/6x SF/18T
3TX6M - 3000kg SWL/6M/6x SF/18T
4TX2M - 4000kg SWL/2M/6x SF/24T
4TX4M - 4000kg SWL/4M/6x SF/24T
4TX6M - 4000kg SWL/6M/6x SF/24T
5TX4M - 5000kg SWL/4M/6x SF/30T
5TX6M - 5000kg SWL/6M/6x SF/30T

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