[AS-IS] 2 Private Toilet Portable Restroom

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The [AS-IS] 2 Private Toilet Portable Restroom, is designed for convenience and comfort in outdoor settings. Despite the damage on the front and back, including a broken ceramic toilet, this unit is structurally sound and functional. Perfect for events or job sites, it offers essential restroom facilities with privacy for users.

2 Private  Toilet Stalls Portable Restroom


All AS-IS items are final sale. No returns or exchanges. Please inspect the goods carefully while picking them up.

Only pickup in MD warehouses.

There is only 1 damaged product, and the damaged unit number is 14.


Description Specifications
Model 2 Private Portable Restroom
Dimension (LxWxH) 84.6"x51.2"x93"
Interior Dimension (LxW) 36.7"x 44.6" per room
Door Size W 33" x H 78"
Net Area 11.4 ft²/room
Frame Steel
Surface Coating High-Temperature Resistant Paint
Roof Material 2-inch EPS fire-resistant & insulated roof panels
Wall Material 2-inch EPS fire-resistant & insulated wall panels
Floor Material Anti-skid and wear-resistant floor leather+Hard PVC board
R-value 0.2~0.5(m2·K/W)
  • EPS Composite Panel
  • Outward Opening Door
Circuit Breaker Spec 13~16 Amps
Power Supply 110V~220V
Wire info 3 core 2.5 sqmm
Wiring Instructions White Wire: Live Wire
Black Wire: Neutral Wire
Green or Yellow-green Wire: Earth Wire
Flush volume 1.6 gpf
Inlet Pipe Material PPR Pipe
Inlet Pipe Inner diameter 4/5 inch
Outlet Pipe Material PVC Pipe
Outlet Pipe Inner diameter
  • Gray Water Pipe: 1 â…˜ inch
  • Black Water Pipe: 3 inch
Lowest Pipe Working Temperature
14℉ (if iced, please use 122℉ water to melt)
Fire-proof Level B2
Wind Load 56 MPH
Snow Load 125 lb/sqft
Forklift Pockets Dimension: W7"x H3"
Distance between forklift pocket: 28"
Lifespan 15+ Years
Warranty 1 Year

Set up

There are 4 lifting lugs for transportation on the top and a forklift slot on the bottom. The equipment needs to be unloaded using a crane or forklift.

Footing options

  • Concrete slab or pads
  • Compacted ground
  • Concrete or Steel stumps
  • Note: The finished height of the surface must be level. Consulting a qualified person is recommended.


    The customer must arrange for a licensed Electrician to supply and Install all wiring.
    All pipe connection needs thread seal tape, instead of glue, to seal.

    Our Portable Restrooms need to be supplied with city water or well pump water, and all portable toilet "sewage" needs to be connected to the city sewer system or a simple septic system.

    If this Bastone 2 Private Toilet Stalls Portable Restroom is used on a construction site, we recommend you connect toilets to the sanitary sewer system and connect water to the pipe system. If not, you may need tanks outside the structure for waste. 

    • If it's a concrete floor, please use twist-n-lock anchors on 4 corners of the portable restroom, and use wire rope to connect the anchor and the top corner of the portable restroom. 
    • If it's a soil floor, please use 20 inches - 28 inches ground nails on 4 corners and use wire rope to connect the anchor and top corner of the portable restroom. 


    • 1/2" female inlet ports for hot & cold water
    • 3" black water/waste exhaust flexible hose (easily slide your 3" PVC pipe onto flex fitting for waste)
    • 1" PVC water outlet exhaust port (for sink water)
    • Model Number: 110V Public Restroom with Double Close Stool
    • Material: High-Temperature Resistant Paint
    • Floor Material: Rigid PVC board
    • Wall Material: Internal UV board, with a layer of plywood on the outside
    • Door: Security Door

    Package Size

    • L*W*H (inch): 85x51x95
    • Weight (lb): 1339
    • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading.

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