CHERY INDUSTRIAL Metal Storage Shed 10'x20'

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Unleash unmatched storage capabilities with our top-of-the-line Metal Storage Shed 10x20ft. Meticulously crafted with an anti-UV galvanized Steel Coating sheet, this shed is engineered to withstand the test of time, defending your valuables from harsh UV rays and corrosion. The generous 10x20ft dimensions offer vast storage space, empowering you to organize gardening tools, lawnmowers, bikes, and more with ease. Equipped with 4 strategically placed vents, it ensures excellent air circulation, preventing moisture and maintaining a pristine environment for your belongings. Elevate your storage game with this durable and precisely engineered Metal Storage Shed. A perfect blend of security, space, and reliability, tailored to meet your storage demands.

Metal sheds serve as versatile outdoor structures, finding application in various contexts. Primarily designed for storage, they are excellent solutions for safeguarding garden tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, and outdoor equipment, ensuring organization and protection from the elements. Additionally, metal sheds are utilized in agriculture to provide temporary shelter for livestock, offering protection against weather conditions. For gardening enthusiasts, these sheds offer an ideal space for storing gardening supplies, pots, and soil. Their durability and weather-resistant properties make them valuable for safeguarding tools, machinery, and equipment, while customization options enable diverse uses such as workshops, hobby rooms, or even compact home gyms.



Dimensions  W120.5"x D238.6"x H91.3"
Sidewall height  78.6"
Ridge height  91.3"
Door Dimensions  86.6"x77.6"
Material  Anti UV Galvanized Steel Coating sheet
Vents  4
Size options  8x6ft, 8x12ft, 10x20ft, 13x20ft
Door Type Front double-hinged door, side single-hinged door
Ground anchor accessories include  Yes
Wind Load  44 miles/h
Snow Load 15.4 lb/sq ft
Country of Origin China


    • Weatherproof Galvanized Steel for Durability
    • UV-Resistant Coating for Longevity
    • Spacious 10x20ft Size for Ample Storage
    • Enhanced Air Circulation with 4 Vents
    • Protects Belongings from Harsh Elements
    • Stylish and Functional Outdoor Storage Solution
    • Secure and Reliable Space for Your Gear
    • Snow Load: 30-40kg/sqm


    • Shipping dimension: 23.2"x82.3"x15.4" (L x W x H)
    • Shipping weight: 602.4 lb
    CHERY INDUSTRIAL Metal Storage Shed 10'x20' FeaturesCHERY INDUSTRIAL Metal Storage Shed 10'x20' FeaturesCHERY INDUSTRIAL Metal Storage Shed 10'x20' FeaturesCHERY INDUSTRIAL Metal Storage Shed 10'x20' FeaturesCHERY INDUSTRIAL Metal Storage Shed 10'x20' Features

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