Portable Restroom

  • If it is a concrete floor, please use twist-n-lock anchors on 4 corners of the portable restroom, and use wire rope to connect the anchor and the top corner of the portable restroom.
  • If is a soil floor, please use 20 inches - 28 inches ground nails on 4 corners and use wire rope to connect the anchor and top corner of the portable restroom.

The drain line from the sink is about halfway underneath and under the shower.
Open the floor drain, let the water inside dry completely, and use structure glue to seal the pipe connections and let it dry for 2 days.

Please try to blow the air from the hot water valve side. Considering that there are foreign matters in the pipeline, blowing air from the hot water valve will blow out the foreign matter, and blowing from the water inlet cannot remove it. If it still doesn't work, try to unclog it with a snake auger.
Also, the walls cannot be cut, the water pipes are mostly under the floor. It's even more troublesome if the wall is cut.

The switch controls the light and fan. The white cable is the fire line, the black cable is the zero line, and the yellow-green cable is the ground line.

The bathroom circuit switch is an upgraded version, compatible with 110V~230V.

What is the amperage for the portable restrooms?
The rated current is 13 amps and the maximum should not exceed 16 amps.

This is really simple to turn the handle from vertical to horizontal. All you had to say is that there is a screw inside the handle that you loosen and then turn the handle to the correct position and tighten the screw. The screw is not visible and you need to just use a Phillip head screwdriver and feel for it.

For the general treatment method with the production, please choose the appropriate one according to the size of the dent.
1. If the dent is not very big but deep, you can use 800 fineness sandpaper to polish the dent to reveal the original background color, then spray the structural glue of the same color as the door on the dent, and finally smooth it out and dry it That's it, if there is no problem, it can guarantee that it will not fall off for 1-2 years
2. If the dent is very large, you can also cut a piece of iron plate, and then stick the iron plate on the dent with structural glue of the same color, which is more convenient and cheaper than replacing the door
3. If the above two methods cannot be solved, the door needs to be replaced.

When flushing the toilet, press the small water button for more than 3 seconds and the large water button for more than 6 seconds, then the force of the water flow will increase. Turn the flush valve according to the video, the dark side corresponds to the big water, and the white side corresponds to the small water.
Regarding the problem of slow water intake, 1. Check whether the water inlet pipe is under pressure or blocked. 2. Take out the regulating valve and clean it, if it does not work, replace the regulating valve.

Electric Pallet Jack

Usually, it takes 5 hours to fully charge. The use time is affected by many factors, such as load capacity, daily use time, etc. Generally speaking, it can last for a week.

The turning radius is 55.67"/57.64".

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