40ft High Cube Container with 2 Side Doors

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This 40ft High Cube Container with 2 Side Doors is for storage and shipping. For farms, this container can be used for security and weather-tight storage. For the healthcare industry, they will need this 40 ft high cube container to keep sensitive equipment and records. Of course, for construction sites, the high cube container can be used for temporary offices and storage of building materials and equipment. For a logistics company, it surely works as its original purpose - shipping freight containers. Know what you need and get it from us. 2 side doors can be more efficient in the work and it’s worth it.

Unveil the potential of your space with the 40ft High Cube Container with 2 Side Doors – where container shelter meets storage brilliance, revolutionizing secure and flexible storage.

Our storage containers for sale present the 40ft High Cube Container with 2 Side Doors as a transformative answer for diverse needs. From residential storage to agile commercial applications, it seamlessly adjusts, ensuring your belongings remain not only well-protected but also conveniently accessible. Its ingenious design optimizes spatial efficiency, rendering it an impeccable choice for optimizing functionality in constrained areas.


External Length  40'
External Width  8'
External High Cube Height  9'6"
Internal Length  39'3"
Internal Width  7'8"
Internal High Cube Height  8'10"
Door Dimensions  W 7'8" x H 8'5"
Side Door Dimensions
Weight  9392 lbs
Light Grey Color Code RAL 7035
Country of Origin China


  • Two Side Open Doors & one end door
  • Lock box
  • Material: Cortes Steel
  • Condition: One Way New
  • Waterproof, weather-resistant

Package Size

  • L*W*H (inch): 480*96*114

  • Weight (lb): 9392

  • A crane or equivalent is required for unloading 

40ft High Cube Container with 2 Side Doors40ft Container with 2 Side Doors
40ft High Cube Container with 2 Side Doors

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