Fix Tapes for Storage Shelter

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Introducing Fix Tapes for Storage Shelter – your go-to solution for quick and reliable shelter repairs. Crafted with durability in mind, these tapes offer a seamless way to mend wear and tear, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for your storage shelter. Easy to apply, they provide a secure and weather-resistant seal, effectively safeguarding against the elements. Whether patching up small punctures or reinforcing seams, Fix Tapes are versatile and efficient. Perfect for DIY repairs, these tapes are a cost-effective and essential addition to your toolkit. Keep your storage shelter in top-notch condition with the resilience of Fix Tapes, your instant remedy for durability.

This tape is designed to fix small holes or light scratches in your storage shelter. 

Material: 650g PVC

Size: 39''x39''

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