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The Greatbear skid steer post driver allows you to easily drive posts into the ground. The 300 lb. hammer has a 40” stroke and cycles up to 35 times per minute. Powerful enough to drive anything from t-posts to rail-road ties, you can make post-driving a one man job by adding this attachment to your skid steer. This skid steer post driver makes previously back-breaking work efficient and easy. If you are landscapers, highway scrapers, fencing companies, or municipalities, you will definitely love this attachment.


Overall Dimensions
Hydraulic Tilt Adjustment
Hydraulic Flow
Blows per minute
Machine lift capacity
Operating pressure
Maximum post size
Minimum post size
Minimum post height driven
Hammer weight
Hammer weight w/ ballast


  • Makes driving posts easy
  • Safely vibrates the posts into the ground
  • Drives wood or steel posts
  • Ease of operation is ideal for rental applications
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Plate 3/4” thickness
  • Standard Plumb Bob Chain and Depth Gauge for precise post installation
  • Standard Post Puller Chain for removal of unwanted posts

Package Size

  • L*W*H (inch): 49x38x51
  • Weight (lb): 1069
  • Forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

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