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The Greatbear Tamping Rammer is beneficial to your business. You are in the right place, this unit is designed to compact the ground the rammer uses impact to force compress to the ground. Helps give the floor a firm and compact area for the material/soil to sit on. Ideal for multiple jobs such as landscaping on patios, paver installations, walkways or asphalting projects. The Impacting Rammer was built to be lightweight and easy to use. The slim and upright design makes working in trenches and tight spaces an easy task.


  • Outside Clamping: 10''-22''
  • Inside clamping: 12''-24''
  • Impact Force:10 KN
  • Percussion rate:450-660 r/Min
  • Jumping Height:40-65 mm
  • Advancing Speed:10-13 m/Min
  • Ramming Plate Size:300x330 mm

Package Size

  • Package Weight:194 lbs
  • Package Size:28.3x20.7x39.6 inches

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