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Introducing the KT-B750 Wheel Balancer, a pinnacle of precision and efficiency. Featuring an automatic measurement ruler and automatic marking functions, this state-of-the-art balancer takes the hassle out of wheel balancing. The intuitive interface and advanced automation streamline the process, ensuring optimal balance with unparalleled accuracy. Compact and powerful, the KT-B750 is a go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking seamless performance. With automatic marking functions, every adjustment becomes a breeze. Elevate your tire maintenance experience with the KT-B750 – where cutting-edge technology meets user-friendly design, making wheel balancing a smooth and precise task.
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Net weight 275 lbs
Rim Diameter <30"
Wheel Width 15"
Wheel Diameter <880mm/34.64"
Balancing Speed 180rpm
Power Supply 110V 1PH
Motor Power 0.25KW
Rim Center Hole Dia <135mm/5.31"
Wheel Weight <65KG/143lbs
Balancing Accuracy ±1g
Measuring Time 7S


  • Automatic measurement ruler for auto input A and D values.
  • The body uses 3mm thickness steel, high strength, solid welding, and few vibrations.
  • All-in-one pressure sensor support design, bottom board thickness 8mm, sideboard thickness 8mm, that ensures the sensor works stable and with high precision.
  • Top-level motor and pure copper winding, more power, fast heat dissipation, low defect rate and longer use life.
  • The φ36mm shaft thread is by quenching treatment, high strength.
  • Top-level motor and pure copper winding, fast heat dissipation, low defect rate, and longer use life.
  • The computer board adopts advanced welding technology, moisture-proof, dustproof, and anti-static electricity, more a longer life.
  • Various balance modes, according to different rims for different balance modes, make the balance effect more precise.
  • Built-in fault diagnosis and self-calibration program that double side calibration, No memory parameters, operation easier.
  • Unit selection(Ounce/Gram, MM/Inch).
  • High-quality integration power board, working stable, and reliable.
  • Composite slash guard included.
  • Longer shaft for more width wheels.

                  Package Size

                  • LxWxH (inch): 42"x30"x44"
                  • Weight (lb): 275
                  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

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