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Introducing the KT-TV910 Hydraulic Truck Tire Changer – a powerhouse in tire maintenance. Engineered for heavy-duty truck tires, this robust changer combines hydraulic precision with effortless operation. Its advanced features, including a powerful motor and ergonomic design, ensure efficient tire removal and installation. With a user-friendly interface, adjustable clamping range, and sturdy construction, the KT-TV910 promises reliability in handling diverse truck tire sizes. From commercial fleets to industrial applications, the KT-TV910 is the ultimate solution for tackling the toughest truck tire challenges with ease and precision.


Net weight 1256lbs
Outer Rim 14'' - 42''
Max Wheel Diameter 63'' / 1600mm
Max Wheel Width 31'' / 780mm
Working Pressure ≤130 bar
Hydraulic Motor 3.0 KW (***4.0 HP Motor***)
Max Flow of Oil for Hydraulic Motor 315
Max Tire Weight 3306lbs
Power Supply 220V / 1PH / 60HZ
Noise Level < 70 DB(A)


  • Heavy-duty electro-hydraulic tire changer for Trucks, buses, tractors, and earth-moving vehicle tires.
  • Large clamping capacity to externally clamp wheels up to 42 inches or as small as 14 inches in diameter to maximize service flexibility.
  • Multifunctional control, allows the user to operate in any position safely.
  • Powerful, precise, and quick: a beak and disk ensure the bead on wheels is particularly strong, even on the most delicate rims.
  • Ergonomically positioned foot pedals and helper controls located at the point of use minimize training and opportunities for error.
  • Low-voltage electric components ensure users' complete safety.

            Package Size

            • LxWxH (inch): 51x 43x72
            • Weight (lb): 1388lbs
            • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

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