Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 40'x40'x13'

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Material: 11oz PE
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This Gold Mountain Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 40’x40’ features a huge space capacity to store and collect belongings. It is easier to mount on containers or other surfaces to have a longer height and more storage room. This canopy shelter is usually used to store grains, materials, construction materials, sands, wood, stone, steel, masonry, automobiles, boats, etc. This container shelter is durable stable and resistant to teardown, water, and UV. Be confident in buying this reliable product. 

How to Install the Container Canopy Shelter?

Installation Manual

Gold Mountain Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 40'x40'x13' A+



Description Specifications
Model C404013 Dome Container Shelter
Dimension (ft) W40xL40xH13
Frame Single Truss Galvanized Tube
Steel Structure High-Grade Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
  • Economical - 11oz/m²(300 gsm) Polyethylene (PE) Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 15oz/m²(450 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 22oz/m²(610 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 23oz/m²(650 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 32oz/m²(900 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
Fabric Feature Waterproof, UV-resistant, Fire-Retardant, Self-Cleaning Property
Temperature resistance -22 - +158 °F
Front/back walls (optional)
Arch Interval 6.6 ft
Arch Ø (mm)
Purlin Ø (mm)
Tension System Pipe and Ratchet Tie-Down System
Easy Installation Twist lock and clamp installation
Weld No welding required
Snow Load 52 lbs/ft²
Wind Load 56 miles/h
Average assembly time for DIY with 4 persons
  • Shelter: 2 days
  • Front or back wall: ½ day per wall
Safety The tarpaulin is PFAS-free and EU REACH compliant.
Tarp Lifespan 7-10 years, depending on the type of fabric and environmental conditions.
Frame Lifespan 15+ years
  • PE: 2 Years Warranty
  • PVC: 8 Years Warranty


  • The term “lifespan” refers to the durability of the materials themselves, not to the installation of the canopy structure.
  • The assembled canopy's structural integrity may be impacted by sudden weather changes (e.g., high winds, heavy snow, rain). Always check the forecast and consider the described limitations.


  • CSA/TUV Snow Rating Report.
  • SGS fabric Certificate.
  • The tarpaulin is PFAS-free and EU REACH compliant.
  • No pole inside, and 100% of the interior space is available.
  • Usage: Warehouse, farm tent, equipment storage, car lot, temporary office, livestock house, workshop, parties, big event.

Package Size

  • LxWxH (inch): 124x43.3x29.5
  • Weight (lb): 2160 
  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading


(1) Keep the work area clean. Cluttered areas invite injuries.

(2) Keep children away. Be aware of personal safety.

(3) It is easy to assemble if according to our assembly manual. Improper assembly may cause unnecessary mistakes.

(4) Be aware of possible windy conditions; fasten the base in concrete if this situation may occur. Remove the cover during the hurricane.

(5) Clean off snow in time and do not allow snow to sit for extended periods of time.

(6) Be careful with power and heat sources. Do not keep heat sources near the tarpaulin. Do not expose to open flame.

(7) This unit is supposed to be set up on the inner edge of the container, if you want to set up on the outer edge of the container, you will need extra support tubes. 

Gold Mountain Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 40'x40'Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 40'x40'x13'

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Customer Reviews

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T.C.S.L. (Santa Clara, US)
The structure is very stable.

I use a container shelter from Chery Industrial to protect my tools year-round. It can block snow and wind. Quality worth trusting!

Rodney Sloup
Chery Industrial warehouse pickup

Picking up the goods from the MD warehouse, things are going great with them there! Thanks

Joe Goss
Quick responses.

Quick responses and efficient solutions make this Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 40'x40' purchase a stress-free experience.

Nick Agresta
easy to set up

High quality canopy easy to set up. Very happy.⁩

Josh Laney
for farm storage

The shelter on our farm is excellent. On top of some homemade walls in a container, works great.

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