Greatbear 8*10FT Rock Grizzly Screen

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The Geartbear 8x10FT Rock Grizzly Screen makes the screening of immense, mixed loads effortless and productive. The Rock Grizzly Screen is used to remove oversized rocks from your material. Getting rid of any unwanted debris from your soil. The slope allows the rocks and debris to fall on the ground resulting in a clutter-free working area. Perfect for construction sites, mining sites, recycling warehouses, demolition, and landscaping sites. This unit is built for long-lasting use, easy workflow, and getting rid of any unwanted debris. The Greatbear 8x10FT Rock Grizzly Screen is ready to make your workload more manageable.

Before use, place the screen on a firm ground or a fixed seat to ensure that it works stably and firmly.


The teeth gap is adjustable 
8x10FT Rock Grizzly Screen dimension

Package size

  • Dimensions (inch): 117x87x94
  • Weight (lb): 
  •  A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

8x10FT Rock Grizzly Screen8x10FT Rock Grizzly Screen Scene


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