Business Analyst

Worksite: Garden City, NY


  1. Collect main and key data showing business performance including analysis of market share comparing to competitors. Monitor the data and make sure the business improvement is in process and create insights into business processes.
  2. Evaluate the financial worth of each customer by doing Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Lifetime Management and Customer Behaviors Analysis for day-to-day decision making.
  3. Carry out statistical evaluations and automating reporting framework and a business marketing mix modeling.
  4. Collect data and build suitable models, create a simple, visual interface that pinpointed new customer potential by different segments.
  5. Study economic and business trends by monitoring competitors in Google Analytics and SEM Rush.

Requires: Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Business Management, or Operations Management

Mail résumé and cover letter to: Chery Forklift (New York) Inc, 61 Commercial Ave, Garden City, NY 11530