Greatbear 20ft Flat Eye and Eye - Type 3 Web Sling - 6000lb

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Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the flat eye and eye-type 3 configuration enhance adaptability, making it suitable for a diverse range of lifting scenarios. The 20ft length provides substantial reach, facilitating safe and controlled lifting operations across various work environments.

The Greatbear 20ft Flat Eye and Eye-Type 3 Web Sling prioritizes safety, adhering to stringent quality standards. The reinforced webbing ensures strength and resilience, promising long-lasting performance in challenging work conditions. The flat-eye design enhances versatility, allowing for easy attachment and detachment during lifting applications.


 Item Web Slings
Sling Type Flat Eye and Eye - Type 3
Vertical Hitch Capacity 6000 lb
Choker Hitch Capacity 4800 lb
Basket Hitch Capacity 12000 lb
Sling Length 20ft
Sling Width 3''
Sling Material Polyester
Eye Length 11''
Color Yellow
Temp. Range -60° to 200° F

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