Cover Replacement for Storage Shelter

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Size: 20x30x12 Dome
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Material: 300g PE

Color: White & Green Edge (storage shelter); White (container shelter)

This Item DOES NOT include front and rear wall panels. 

Model Fabric Weight (lb)
20*30*12 300g PE 82
 / /
30*40*15 300g PE 143
900g PVC  298
30*65*15 300g PE 243
610g PVC  485
30*85*15 300g PE 311
610g PVC  639
40*80*20 300g PE 397
450g PVC 661

We have options in different materials and weights, please contact to quote. 

  • 450g (16oz) PVC
  • 650g (23oz) PVC
  • 750g (26oz) PVC
  • 900g (32oz) PVC

Package Size for Cover Replacement for 20*30*12

  • L*W*H(inch): 80x20x13
  • Weight(lb): 92
  • Please have a forklift or equivalent ready for unloading 


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