Double Truss Storage Shelter W70'xL120'xH28'

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Material Weight: 26oz PVC
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Introducing the Double Truss Storage Shelter, measuring W70'xL120'xH28'. This spacious and robust structure is perfect for large-scale storage needs, offering exceptional durability with its high-strength steel frame and weather-resistant fabric. Ideal for agricultural, industrial, and commercial applications, this shelter ensures reliable protection for your valuable assets against the elements. Easy to install and built to last.

Note: Pre-sale: Please wait 2-3 months after placing the order.

Double Truss Storage Shelter W70'xL120'xH28'

Please Note: Stake pegs are replaced by expansion bolts. If you need stake pegs, you can contact customer service to place an order.

How to build a Storage Shelter?

Installation Manual


Description Specifications
Dimensions (WxLxH) 70'x120'x28'
Side-wall Height 11.8 ft
Door size (WxH) (Front & Rear) 18'x16'
Door Type Mechanical Rollup Door
Man Door (WxH) 2.6'x6.6'
Frame Double Truss Galvanized Tube
Steel Frame Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
Truss tube 14 Gauge
Tarp Fabric PE or PVC
Tarp Color (customizable) White with Green/Red Edge
Temperature resistance -22 - +158 °F
Arch Ø Φ 76x2.0mm
Purlin Ø  Φ 60x1.5mm
Arch Spacing 10 ft
Number of Arch 13
Number of Anchor plates 26
Tension System Pipe and Ratchet Tie-Down System
Average assembly time for DIY with 4 persons 5 Days
Snow Load 48 lbs/ft²
Wind Load 60 miles/h
Tarp lifespan 7-10 years, depending on the type of fabric and environmental conditions.

Frame lifespan

15+ Years


- PE: 2 Years Warranty.
- PVC: 8 Years Warranty.

Fabric (Optional)

  • Economical - 11oz/m²(300 gsm) PE Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 16oz/m²(450 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 23oz/m²(650 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 26oz/m²(750 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Heavy Duty - 32oz/m²(900 gsm) PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
  • Please contact us to order.
Country of Origin China

Installation Tips

1. That depends on the product and the local regulations. A permit is usually not necessary for temporary placement. For (semi) permanent placements, it’s best to contact your municipality.

2. It’s necessary to tighten the roof fabric enough to avoid “hammocks” on the roof and also re-tighten once or twice again after a few months of use. This is important when assembly in cold weather (autumn and winter) because the fabric is stiff then and when we get the sun and warm weather afterward it will make the fabric “slack” again and need to be re-tightened before next winter.

Storage Shelter Foundation


  • No building permits required*.
  • Suitable for different purposes, from residential to commercial.
  • The galvanized steel structure is built to last, which is resistant to rusting and corrosion.
  • Weatherproof (snow, storm, wind, water), UV resistance, and fire retardant.
  • No need to use electricity during the day with the PVC cover providing enough natural light.
  • Easy entry and exit with double doors, which are placed at both ends.

Package Size 

  • LxWxH (inch): 
  • Weight (lb): 
  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading.

Delivery and Unloading

  • The product will be either loaded onto a box or flatbed truck, depending on its size.
  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading.
Chery Industrial Storage Shelter deliveryChery Industrial Storage Shelter unloading

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