Front Panel with Winch door for W20' Container Shelter

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Size: 20'x20'/20'x40'
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Introducing the 11oz PE Front Panel designed for Container Shelters measuring W20'xL20' or W20'xL40'. Engineered for durability, this premium polyethylene panel ensures the utmost protection for the front section of your shelter. Easy to install and crafted for a precise fit, it acts as a robust barrier against the elements, safeguarding your stored items. With weather-resistant properties and reinforced construction, the 11oz PE Front Panel enhances the functionality of your Container Shelter, offering reliable defense in diverse conditions. Elevate your shelter's performance and longevity with this high-quality front panel, designed for resilience and tailored to withstand the rigors of varying environments.

Installation Manual

Material: 300g PE
Color: White

This item is designed with a machinery door and frames and will be shipped in the box, it's designed for general-purpose containers with a height of 8'6''

This item is suitable for 20x20 container shelter and 20x40 container shelter.  

Door size: W12ft x H11½ft

Package Size

  • L*W*H(inch): 87’’x30’’x13’’
  • Weight(lb): 540
  • Forklift or equivalent is required for unloading


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