Front/Rear Panel with Roll-up Door for Storage Shelter

Gold MountainSKU: PP000101

Size: W20'xL30'xH12'
Type: Front Panel
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Introducing our Front/Rear Panel with Roll-up Door for Storage Shelter – the versatile solution for customizable storage spaces. Tailored to fit seamlessly with your storage shelter, this panel transforms the structure into a secure and accessible enclosure. The roll-up door feature ensures effortless entry and exit, while the durable material provides reliable protection against the elements. Perfect for safeguarding equipment, vehicles, or creating an adaptable workspace, this panel adds functionality to your shelter. Whether you need quick access to stored items or seek enhanced security, this Front/Rear Panel with Roll-up Door is the key to optimizing your storage solution with ease.

Material: 300g PE

Color: White

30X15 is suitable for 30x40x15 Dome, 30x65x15 Dome, and 30x85x15 Dome

This item can be used for Front and Rear panel

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