Greatbear Skid Steer Rock Bucket

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As the name suggests, the Greatbear skid steer rock bucket is designed to separate rocks and debris from construction sites, pastures, fields, and more, and leave the soil at the same time. The gap in the rock bucket between tines allows soil and small items to drop down and leave, keeping the bigger size rocks, stones, and waste in the bucket.


Working Width Operating width Tine Spacing
66β€˜β€™ 66β€˜β€™ 66β€˜β€™ Coming soon
72β€˜β€™ 72β€˜β€™ 72β€˜β€™ Coming soon
78β€˜β€™ 78β€˜β€™ 78β€˜β€™ Coming soon
84β€˜β€™ 84β€˜β€™ 84β€˜β€™ Coming soon


  • The space between tines decides the retained rock/stone size
  • 3.0" tine spacing keeps bricks in the attachment for easier cleanup in worksites
  • Designed to rake, pile, and load rock easier and quicker

Package Size

L*W*H(inch) Weight(lb)
66'' 87x30x27 494
72'' 87x30x27 523
78'' 87x30x27 554
84'' 87x30x27 580


  • Forklift or equivalent is required for unloading
Greatbear Hydraulic Rock BucketGreatbear Hydraulic Rock Bucket

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