Greatbear 86'' Hydraulic Snow Plow

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When the storm hits, heavy snow gets piled on the street and makes trouble for people to get out or commute. At this time, you will see heavy equipment with a snowplow moving on the street cleaning the snow aside. The Greartbear hydraulic snow plow is a huge blade that is used to push snow and ice away to clean the road and transportation surface. When snowfall gathers above a certain height, this Greatbear hydraulic snow plow is a must-have for you.


Working Width 86''
Self Weight (LB) 462
Rotation Angle (circumgyrate degree) 28.5°

Package Size

  • L*W*H (inch): 89x31x25
  • Weight (lb): 635
  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

Parts Service


  • Step 1: Install the shock-absorbing block (rubber pad) in the box in reverse, and install the left and right sides in reverse. (Fig. 1 → Fig. 2)
  • Step 2: As shown in the figure, a leg needs to be changed in direction. (Figure 3, Figure, 4)
  • Note: The user needs to change the direction of the outriggers for the first time. (Fig.3 → Fig.4)The purpose is to hang it on the loader, but after hanging up, the outriggers will fall to the ground, which will hinder the work, and you need to do the change back (Fig.4 → Fig.3). After the user has finished using it, he needs to change it (Fig.3 → Fig.4) for the next use.
Greatbear Hydraulic Snow PlowGreatbear Hydraulic Snow Plow

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