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In order to meet the different needs during construction, people put forward higher requirements for the functions of Mini excavators. In addition to the conventional excavation functions, the current Mini excavators also have additional grabbing functions; at the same time, when the bucket is excavating , the material is easy to fall when the bucket is excavating, resulting in low excavation efficiency; therefore, on the basis of traditional excavators, a Thumb is often set under the bucket, and the Thumb cooperates with the bucket to play a clamping role.


Material Wear Plate
Maximum opening
Grabbing weight 441 lb
Opening and closing angle 150°
Machine Color Red,Yellow,Blue (Can Be Customized)


  • High Quality Steel. Through high temperatureforging ,Makes more strong anddurable long life.
  • Big Openingl. It can grab more heavy goods.

        Mini Excavator Attachment 

        • Teeth bucket
        • Plane Bucket
        • Grab
        • Mechanical Quick Hitch
        • Mini Excavator

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