NobleLift Standard Duty Pallet Jack Truck 5500 lbs Capacity 27''x48'' Forks

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  • Ideal for short-distance manual handling of goods in supermarkets, warehouses, and factories
  • Compact design, beautiful appearance, load capacity up to 5500lbs
  • German standard WAGNER spray system to ensure high-quality spraying quality
  • All shafts are lubricated to ensure good operation and easy steering
  • The composite sleeve and the chrome-plated shaft ensure quiet and stable lifting and moving, and a longer service life
 Feature Model # HPT-A
Power Manual
Operation Manual
Rated load capacity Q(t) 2.0/2.5/3.0
Load center distance c(mm) 600
Front overhang     x(mm) 972
Wheelbase       y(mm) 1218
Weight Self-weight      (lb) 154/160/170
front wheel side/rear wheel side when fully loaded (lb) 3915/1805
front wheel side/rear wheel side when zero loaded (lb) 48/108
Wheel/Base Wheel Material Polyurethane wheel
Front wheel Æ200×50
Rear wheel Æ80×70
# of front/rear wheels 2/2 or 2/4
Wheel base (front wheel)  b10(mm) 130
Wheel base (rear wheel)  b11(mm) 380
Others Lift height              h3(mm) 115
Handle height during operation min/max         h14(mm) 1230
Minimum fork height         h13(mm) 85
Overall length   l1(mm) 1545
Body length    l2(mm) 395
Body Width         b1(mm) 540
Fork size      s/e/l(mm) 48/160/1150   1)
Outer width of fork     b5(mm) 540
Ground clearance      m2(mm) 37
Aisle width 800X1200 placed along the fork    Ast(mm) 2088
Turning radius       Wa(mm) 1275
  • All car bodies have reinforced units on the back to increase car body strength and durability, prevent car body deformation and other problems so that the transporter is safer and more assured
  • More scientific ergonomic design, improve operating comfort, reduce fatigue, controllable falling speed of heavy cargo, and improve operating safety
  • Built-in hydraulic circuit and hydraulic oil tank, built-in imported sealing ring, so that the entire hydraulic system is sealed safely, and the problem of oil leakage in the pump body is solved
  • The car body wheel frame is made with excellent craftsmanship, which improves the firmness of the wheels and the car body. The addition of auxiliary wheels can better enter the pallet and improve the operability.

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