Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 16ft

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The 16' Apple Cabin is the epitome of refined outdoor living. Crafted with precision and designed with your comfort in mind, this cabin combines aesthetics, durability, and functionality seamlessly. Discover the epitome of outdoor living with the 16' Apple Cabin. Elevate your outdoor space and embrace the limitless possibilities it offers. Make the 16' Apple Cabin your own and redefine outdoor luxury today!

Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 16ft floorplan

Reminder: Mobile Prefab House is not wired. Please hire an electrician for American standard wiring. Stay safe!


Description Specifications
Dimension(LxWxH) 16'x7.4'x7.7'
Weight 3,461 lbs
Structure Material Steel
Snow Load 42 lbs/ft²
Wind Load 46 miles/h
Exterior materials Aluminum-plastic panels.
White fluorocarbon single-coated aluminum panels.
Internal materials Wood-plastic plain gusset board.
EO grade ecological board.
Aluminum alloy folding door.
Window Double-layer lightweight and high-strength push-out windows
Door materials Broken bridge aluminum alloy
Include Washroom with shower +Side push out window
+ bedside cupboard+Top spotlight
Country of Origin China

Electrical Outlets with USB interface.

Outdoor Living and Working Apple Cabin 16ft Window


  • Elegant Exterior: The Apple cabin boasts an elegant design with its white fluorocarbon-coated aluminum panels, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your outdoor space.
  • Electrical Outlets with USB interface: Stay connected with ease, charge your devices, or power your appliances effortlessly.
  • Natural Light Oasis: Enjoy an abundance of natural light streaming in through the double-layer push-out windows, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.
  • Sustainable Interiors: Designed with eco-consciousness in mind, the cabin's interiors feature wood-plastic plain gusset board and EO-grade ecological board for a healthy and sustainable living environment.
  • Seamless Entry: The aluminum alloy folding door not only enhances the cabin's aesthetic appeal but also provides a smooth and stylish entry point.
  • Complete Convenience: From a fully equipped washroom with a shower to a side push-out window for ventilation and a bedside cupboard for sleeping, the cabin is thoughtfully designed with your convenience in mind.
  • Customizable Ambiance: Set the perfect mood with the top spotlight, which allows you to adjust the lighting to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion.
  • Versatile Retreat: Whether you're hosting guests, working from home, or seeking a tranquil getaway, the 16' Apple Cabin adapts to your needs with elegance and versatility.

How do you unload the Pod House?

  • Facing the Apple Cabin‚Äôs front glass side there are forklift slots on the front below the glass, there are no slots on the back of the unit. There are also Forklift holes on the left side of the unit.
  • The right side of the unit has rollers, which primarily would be used for loading purposes if you elevate the left side you could drag/push the unit more easily.
  • The unit just has a solid metal base that elevates it a few inches off the ground, there are no legs to elevate the cabin.How-do-you-unload-PodHouseHow-do-you-unload-PodHouse

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Customer Reviews

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Mitchell Mintz

The Outdoor Living and Working Apple Cabin 16ft is a game-changer. It's compact yet spacious, with a toilet, sink, and bed inside, making it perfect for remote work or a weekend getaway.

Brian Johnson
Travel in Comfort

Perfect for camping or working remotely in nature.

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