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The grader is a high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, multi-purpose earthmoving machinery. It can complete large-scale ground leveling and excavation, trenching, slope scraping, snow removal, loosening, compaction, material spreading, mixing, assisting in loading, and land reclamation work in important areas such as highways and farmland.

It is an earthmoving machinery that uses a scraper to level the ground. The scraper is installed between the machine’s front and rear wheel axles and can be lifted, tilted, rotated, and extended. It has flexible and accurate movements, easy operation, and provides high precision in leveling the ground. It is suitable for constructing roadbeds and pavements, building slopes, excavating side ditches, as well as mixing pavement materials, clearing snow, pushing granular materials, and maintaining unpaved roads.

The scraper of the grader is installed under the slewing ring through two brackets, and the slewing ring can be rotated to adjust the position of the scraper. The bracket of the slewing ring is triangular, its front end is hinged at the front of the main frame, and the two corners of the rear end are suspended in the middle of the main frame by lifting hydraulic cylinders, and at the same time are hinged with the tilting hydraulic cylinder on the main frame, so the scraper can be lifted, tilted, or tilted protruded on one side of the longitudinal axis of the main machine to level the road slopes.


Dimension(LxWxH) 103.15"x96.46"x45.67"
Weight 1102 lbs
Rack Weight 266.8 lbs
Scraper Width 95.5"
Rotation angle 25°
Angle of slope 24°
Tire diameter 16.54“
Country of Origin China

Operation Instructions for the Grader Machine

  1. Operators must be trained, pass the examination, and obtain a valid special operations certificate before they can start work. Before operating, the operator should clearly understand the machine's main performance, operating techniques, and maintenance methods.
  2. The rotation of the scraper, adjustment of the cutting angle, and tilting towards the outside of the machine must be done when the machine is stopped. The lifting range of the scraper should not be too large during the operation.
  3. When parking on a slope, the front of the machine should face downhill, and the blade should be gently pressed into the ground.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to shut off the diesel engine and drive in neutral gear when driving downhill.
  5. Except for the driver's cabin, no one should ride in any other place during the operation.
  6. When encountering hard soil, it should be loosened before starting the operation.
  7. During operation, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to stand in front or on either side of the scraper.

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    • L*W*H (inch): 101.6x84.25x47.24
    • Weight (lb):
    • Forklift or equivalent is required for unloading.

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