Skid Steer Plate Compactor

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It is used for compacting engineering foundations, curbs, and asphalt pavements when building roads, streets, buildings, canals, and bridges. It is more suitable for compacting narrow roadways. The product has the advantages of reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large impact depth, stable operation, no dead angle, and high efficiency.


Dimension(LxWxH) 72.1"x30.5"x30"
Weight 1014.1 lbs
Rack Weight 101.4 lbs
Motor Power 17 HP
Rotational Speed 2000 r/min
Travel Speed (depending on soil) 6-25 M/min
Compacted Area 72.1"x17.7"
Country of Origin China


  • Strong compaction force.
  • Easy to move and not limited by the site.
  • Suitable for various places with bad road conditions
  • The base is wide and powerful.
  • The reliable and durable hydraulic motor drives the eccentric block to generate eccentric force. The eccentric force drives the base to vibrate at a high frequency to compact the road surface.

Operating Instructions

  • The oil tank of the eccentric shaft is filled with 10W wear-resistant engine oil (about 6L).
  • Check the oil tank, hydraulic pipeline connections, and whether bolts are loose before using.
  • During work, increase the accelerator of the plate compactor to the maximum.
  • The travel speed of the skid steer is adjusted according to the actual working conditions, and the purpose is to compact the road surface.
  • Regular maintenance: add oil and check the pipeline.

    Package Size

    • L*W*H (inch): 77.2x34.4x31.1
    • Weight (lb):
    • Forklift or equivalent is required for unloading.
      Skid Steer Plate CompactorSkid Steer Plate CompactorSkid Steer Plate CompactorSkid Steer Plate CompactorSkid Steer Plate Compactor

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