KT-M120 Two Post Clear-floor Vehicle Lift 12,000lbs


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Unleash the power of the KT-M120 Two Post Clear-floor Vehicle Lift, a heavyweight champion in automotive elevation. Engineered with symmetrical lifting arms and a robust 12,000 lbs capacity, it guarantees a balanced and secure lift for a diverse array of vehicles. The innovative bilateral unlocking system ensures synchronized control, prioritizing safety in every lift. Tailored for professional garages and enthusiasts tackling extensive projects, the KT-M120 excels in scenarios ranging from heavy-duty repairs to routine maintenance, providing unmatched versatility. Its clear-floor design grants unobstructed access beneath vehicles, revolutionizing workspace dynamics. Elevate your lifting experience with the precision and muscle of the KT-M120 Two Post Clear-floor Vehicle Lift.
User Manual

*Concrete thickness must be at least 5.9” (150 MM) with a 3000 PSI rating. Failure to install this lift on the proper concrete could result in serious injury or death! It is the customer’s responsibility to verify concrete thickness and strength before purchase and installation.


Net weight 1653 lbs
Max. Lifting Height 70.75"/1800mm
Lifting Capacity 12000lbs/5500KG
Min. Height 4.25"/110mm
Height Overall 166.75" / 4235mm
Width Overall 165.5" / 4204mm
Outside Column 151.25" / 3840mm
Inside Column 130" / 3390mm
Drive-Thru Clearance 117.75" / 2990mm
Motor 220VAC/60HZ/1PH


  • 12000lbs(5500KG) lifting capacity.
  • CE Approved and Certified. It has adopted the 115% dynamic loading capacity standard and was 150% static loading capacity tested.
  • Manual safety release from two sides.
  • Symmetric arms.
  • Dual Hydraulic Chain-Drive Cylinders.
  • Rubber pad door opening protection.
  • Comes with extended support adaptor sets of + 30 mm and + 120 mm.
  • Overhead safety shutoff bar.
  • Feet-protection safety guardrails with tools box.
  • High-quality hydraulic system with 220V/60HZ/1PH or 110V/ 60HZ/ 1PH (Optional).

                      Package Size

                      • LxWxH (inch): 112"x18"x35.4"
                      • Weight (lb): 1750
                      • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

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